How to get started in web development

9 months ago

This is a beginners guide to getting started in web development.

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Remote work is becoming the new normal in this day and age. As more jobs focus to online and remote work its essential to start learning new skills so you can get work. It's a difficult thing to know where to get started in learning new skills. This article will focus on what you can do to get started in web development.

Have a good enough computer

This first thing you need to have is a computer. You don't have to go buy the latest and greatest computer to get started. You do have to make the initial investment in yourself, in whatever way you can, you must gain access to a computer. Even if you have a text editor on your phone you can contribute to programming.

I would like to start a program to offer donations to aspiring developers to offer them free laptops for the time they are learning. I will see what needs to be done to do that. If you don't have a computer, then borrow one, if you live in an area where that is difficult then contact me and I will see what I can do.

Download a text editor

It doesn't matter what text editor you use, however the most popular one out now is Visual Studio Code. Download any text editor you wish so you can start coding today. All you need is a computer and text editor, then you can start writing your very first program.

Learn the big three

There are three things you will need to learn:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and is the programming language of showing a webpage. You can write HTML and open it in a web browser. By writing HTML you can code websites and show forms and information to users.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is the programming language of styling a website. Once you write HTML you can style it with CSS. You can create a color scheme, different components, and classes that will help your website look unique and inviting for people to use on desktops or phones.

JavaScript is the programming language that enables your webpage to be interactive. It can run animations, it can submit forms and show data interactively, making it a fast responsive user experience.

Build your portfolio

Once you learn the big three then start building a website. Build many websites. Start building a portfolio of websites. Get inspiration by keeping a list of website that looks good and try to replicate them. Keep adding to your portfolio every day, week, and month. Start showing your portfolio to people and get feedback. What works? What doesn't work? Getting feedback is the most important part of learning.

Participate in App Jams

Every month we have an App Jam, which is a way to program an application with a theme behind it. Communicate with other devs and build out an application together so you can learn. Building out applications is the best way to learn and build your portfolio.

Watch tutorials and read articles

Are you stuck on a certain programming bug you don't know how to solve? Go watch tutorials, read articles, search online. Do anything you can to research how to solve and move one. Always keeps notes of how you solved problems.


It's important to begin your development career as things are moving to online remote work. Start by getting a computer and text editor, learn the big three, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Build your portfolio and as many applications as you can.

9 months ago