How to create a website

2 years ago

This article will go over the steps needed to create and host a website

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Choose a website name

Go to a domain registrar and do research about the name you want to have for your website. A domain registrar is a place where you can register your domain name. It usually is a year by year cost.

  • Namecheap
  • Godaddy

Decide what features you want

What kind of website do you want to make?

  • A marketing website with your product and contact information.
  • A blog.
  • A product website to sell products and collect payments.
  • An application.

Choose the technologies

Depending on the features of your website you must choose the technologies that are best suited to building out the features.

  • A marketing page just requires HTML and CSS
  • A product website requires HTML, CSS, JavaScript, an API, a Database, and a connection to a 3rd party payment processor like Stripe or Paypal.
  • A blog would require HTML, CSS, Wordpress, PHP

Using premade themes

You can use Wordpress, Wix, or Squarespace to build out your website for you. However there is a drawback if you need custom work done and those services can’t deliver. You can also download premade HTML and CSS themes so you don’t start from scratch. Or if you want to learn as you go you can do everything yourself and build up a portfolio.

Storing your code in a git repository

You write code on your computer and it crashes? Now what? You have to rebuild everything again. Or you write code on your computer that you want to share with another developer? Now what? By storing your code in a git repository you can backup your code, and share it with others easily. You can also setup build tasks that when you add code to the repository it will automatically deploy your website.

Hosting your website

Once you have a working website you need to host it somewhere. Hosting just means it is running on a computer somewhere on the internet.

  • Heroku - If you need database access as well as website hosting
  • Netlify - If you just need website hosting
  • Firebase - If you need website hosting and basic user authentication
  • AWS - If you need everything
  • Google Cloud - If you need everything

Connecting your domain to the host

So now you have a website, you bought your domain (website name) from Namecheap or somewhere else, you are hosting your website on Heroku, now what? You need to go to the domain registrar, such as Namecheap and direct the domain (website name) to the hosting provider. Usually they give you an IP address you can setup as an A record in the domain registrar or a CNAME record. Once you finish this step now you can get to your website on the internet.

2 years ago