How to build a React App - Introduction

8 months ago

This is a beginners guide to building a modern website application in React

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What is React?

React is JavaScript with extended functionality, including HTML, CSS, and Images in a JavaScript bundle.

We use React to:

  • Build fast efficient reusable components
  • Create meaningful, responsive user interfaces
  • Single page applications

A single page application is when the user stays on one webpage application and doesn't have the need to keep reloading or refreshing the browser window.

How can I build website applications in React?

There are many ways to write React components. This course will cover using Create React App, which will compile, and build your React code. Once you have built your application you can then deploy it on a hosting website. This course we will deploy the application to Firebase.

What will this course teach me?

  • React
  • Components
  • Hooks
  • Context
  • Material UI
  • Theming
  • Breakpoints
  • Firebase Deploy

8 months ago