How to build a React App

9 months ago

Lets learn how to build a React app in this course. This is the introduction and course overview of what we will be going over throughout these lessons.

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Course Overview

  • Javascript - What is Javascript and how it can used in a webpage
  • Node and NPM (Node Package Manager)
  • React
  • Material UI
  • By the end we will make a Todos application


JavaScript is programming code that can used on a webpage.

We use JavaScript to enable functionality on a web page, such as:

  • Form validation
  • Calculations
  • Animations
  • Complex interactions, drag and drop, scrolling video

Node and NPM

Node is a JavaScript runtime. You can run JavaScript code using node.

NPM is the Node Package Manager, and we use NPM to download, and install JavaScript packages such as React.


React is JavaScript with extended functionality, including HTML, CSS, and Images in a JavaScript bundle.

We use React to:

  • Build fast efficient reusable components
  • Create meaningful, responsive user interfaces
  • Single page applications

A single page application is when the user stays on one webpage application and doesn't have the need to keep reloading or refreshing the browser window.




Next Lesson

We will install Node and NPM.

We will start to create the React application.

9 months ago