5 Myths about Programming

8 months ago

A short article talking about some myths about programming. Let's see what ones are true or false.

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I have to be smart to be a programmer

  • You don’t have to be smart, just willing to learn.
  • Hard work and effort always win.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others.
  • Get started doing something small.
  • Do what you can do, not what you want to do.
  • Study and learn what you don’t know.

I have to learn everything

  • Don’t learn everything, only learn what you need to know.
  • Spend time learning what you will actually use.
  • If you want to spend time learning everything, make simple projects that you can come back to so you can remember what you learned.
  • Always create simple sample projects to demonstrate what you learn, and build upon it as you go.

I have to learn best practices, hotkeys, shortcuts

  • Learning takes time and effort. Learning to do things is tedious, but will teach you how and why certain things are the way they are. There is no shortcut to learning.
  • Learning hotkeys and shortcuts does not make you a better programmer. Most of the time spent programming will be thinking how to solve the problem, not actual typing.
  • Best practices change with the programming language you use, however learning some best practices can help. Doing everything right all the time takes time. In the end does a client actually care that you spent hours making the code look clean and commented?

Senior programmers never make mistakes

  • All programmers make mistakes
  • No one can predict how a program will work
  • The key to writing a good program is beginning simple, get feedback, and iterate.

I have to learn an actual programming language to be a programmer

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript are programming languages?
  • Don’t get caught in flame wars or fighting over the meaning of words
  • Don’t care about what others say or how they define what is and what isn’t. Just because they like a certain programming language doesn’t mean yours is inferior.
  • Use the right tool for the job.
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